Convenience of Dry Carpet Cleaning VS Wet

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Convenience of Dry Carpet Cleaning VS Wet

Hello Everyone,

Today's blog post will focus on (as you can tell from the title) the convenience of using dry carpet cleaning methods over wet carpet cleaning methods.

While most carpet cleaning methods reach the same effect; cleaning the carpet, removing stains and odor. There are some benefits and conveniences that dry methods offer over competitors. 

Dry carpet cleaning has a major convenience over wet methods. It takes much less time to dry the carpet. Dry carpet cleaning takes a few moments, and the carpet is ready for use again.

Another advantage in our dry cleaning method is our use of HOST. HOST is a environmentally friendly chemical compound. They are similar to little sponges that are placed on the carpet. Add a little bit of water and the solution begins working to break down any soil, stains, or odor within the carpet. 

Compare this method with typical wet methods such as steam cleaning. Steam cleaning can take hours for the carpet to be ready for use. Also steam methods have difficulty reaching down into the carpet and cleaning ground in stains. These ground in stains can resurface and require multiple treatments.

Another disadvantage with wet methods can be seen from looking at the water after the cleaning. It is brown and filled with dirt. This may look good at first glance until you realize that your carpet is still wet, meaning your carpet is soaking in dirty water.

Compare this to our HOST sponges, when left behind are not soaking your carpet in dirty water, and are easily vacuumed up.

The benefits are easy to see in choosing dry over wet methods.