About Us

Hello, I’m Rohn Strandberg the owner of Delta Carpet Cleaning! I was raised on a small farm out of rural Iowa where I learned the values of a good solid work ethic, being on time and how having a smile on your face and a great attitude are just the proper ways of conducting business and treating people.

I started working for another Bay Area carpet cleaning company over 25 years ago. As I continued to grow in my knowledge, I found a passion for the use of proper chemical application to removing spots from carpets and teamed up with a local chemist to learn as much as I could. Growing quickly, I moved on to start my own company, Delta Carpet Cleaning, in the Livermore Tri-Valley area.

I learned about a product called HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning that was both safe for kids and pets but also did an excellent job cleaning your carpets and left them dry and ready to walk on unlike other methods at the time. For years this has been my niche and served me and my customers well. I have served both residential and commercial services throughout this time, handling everything imaginable you can think of that can work itself into a carpet.

I love the work I do and whom I help. The quality of the work I do shows in how I treat people, the cleanliness and safety of their clean carpets (from the products and methods I use) to how they value the job I did (by asking me back out to clean again). I respect my customer’s, their time and the opportunity to come into their home and make it a little cleaner, better and safer for their loved ones. Delta Carpet cleaning has now been serving the Bay Area for over 20 years and I look forward to many more as we start to grow more in the South Bay / Silicon Valley area.

Thank you for your interest!